Alumni Spotlight: Karen Litton


Karen Litton is a 2008 DaKaren Littonoist Traditions graduate and practicing acupuncturist in North Carolina. She maintains a practice with the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic as well as her own clinic, Mountain Therapeutic, in Bryson City.  She has been an instructor at Daoist Traditions for seven years.

 Teaching at Daoist Traditions

I have taught several courses at Daoist Traditions, Point Energetics being the most frequent. Having been a student at DTC, I am aware of the pressures of being a student and try to take that into account when teaching.  Sharing my journey with the students in the use of the acupuncture points and meridians is a joy and a privilege!  I try to make the points come alive for the students. I try to weave into my teachings the knowledge that has come to me from sharing my patients’ healing journeys, my teachers (Jeffrey Yuen in particular), and my varied life experiences.

What made you decide to study Chinese Medicine?

My initial study of Chinese Medicine felt like the next step in my life, both professionally and personally as I have always worked with people.  I have worked in social work, taught canoeing and cross-country skiing, and managed a rafting center.  I was also a massage therapist for about 20 years.  After receiving acupuncture at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic for a number of years, I was encouraged to consider the study of Chinese Medicine.  As I was about 50, I had to think about that decision! As I reflected, it seemed like a natural continuation of my life’s path.  After starting classes, I realized I was following my heart, especially when I first heard Jeffrey Yuen speak.  I felt that how he saw and interpreted the medicine and life was what I wanted to continue to study.

What is your favorite acupuncture point and why? 

My favorite acupuncture point is probably GB 41, known as Foot Overlooking Tears.  It is on the foot between two tendons.  I like the feeling of carefully needling it, gliding the needle into the “cave” of the point. As so many of us are under stress, this point helps alleviate aspects of it, affects us in our areas of holding, and can help us see our life more clearly.

Tell us one thing about you that no one at DT knows.

I used to train a couple of my dogs in agility training.  It was a fun enterprise of fast movement and communication with my dogs.  It was a great way to further develop a relationship with these special beings. I hold many fond memories of those times.