Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Nolff, L.Ac.

Daoist Traditions students work exceptionally hard throughout their 4 year program, but what happens to them after graduation? Our Alumni Spotlight aims to highlight our graduates and the great work they are doing.

Amanda Nolff, L.Ac., graduated from DTC in 2014 and has been providing acupuncture care to the Matthews, NC community ever since. We ran into Amanda at our February Jeffrey Yuen workshop and we talked about her successful practice in the Charlotte area. She shares with us her thoughts on practicing Chinese medicine and an update on how things have been going for her post-DTC.

Amanda Nolff

What drew you to this career?

As I learned about Chinese medicine through my own healing as an acupuncture patient, I became fascinated by it having nature as its ultimate teacher. I took some of Jeffrey Yuen’s classes as a layperson. The teachings resonated with me on a very deep level of knowing as being the truth to a path to wellness. I wanted to give that gift to others.


How has your practice been going since you started in 2014?
Growing more every year! The first year was a huge learning curve! Location, websites, accounting, herbs, needles, tables. Year two was really focused on growth and I added a weekly low-cost community-style acupuncture. This third year has really accelerated in numbers of patient appointments. Also, I now have a massage therapist working in my office and four yoga instructors. So we just keep growing!

What do you enjoy most about working with your patients?
Partnering with people as they move towards finding peace within themselves as they grow to understand that everything about them is connected.

Was there one instructor or supervisor at DT who really made an impression?
Of course Jeffrey Yuen. That probably goes without saying. But beyond Master Yuen, it was really the entire experience and diversity of all the different teachers that made an impression.
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