Guided Meditation

Julie Burke, Dipl. OM, L. Ac. During the winter season, the days become short, and the nights are the longest we will see all year. Nature is calling us to slow down, go within, and give ourselves some extra nourishment. The cold, contracting darkness is symbolic of Yin in Chinese Medicine. We should practice self-care … Read More

Medicinal Herbs in Your Backyard

Some people think of Chinese herbs as exotic plants grown only in faraway Asia. Many of the plants used in Chinese Herbal Medicine can easily be grown in Western North Carolina, because of the temperate climate, similar to parts of China. Many common medicinal plants are as beautiful as they are useful. For example: Balloon … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Nolff, L.Ac.

Daoist Traditions students work exceptionally hard throughout their 4 year program, but what happens to them after graduation? Our Alumni Spotlight aims to highlight our graduates and the great work they are doing. Amanda Nolff, L.Ac., graduated from DTC in 2014 and has been providing acupuncture care to the Matthews, NC community ever since. We ran … Read More