Cultivating a Healing Presence
Healing is often a gradual awakening of a deeper sense of self (and of self in relation to others) which can encourage profound personal change. We believe that healing can only come from within, in the present moment. We recognize that all of life’s journeys and experiences provide opportunity for growth and change. Healing presence is being mindful and compassionate in the present moment with another. It is important to realize that through our daily activities we can cultivate this healing presence. In cultivating a healing presence at Daoist Traditions, students must demonstrate the maturity, emotional stability and good judgment that will allow him or her to become an effective and independent practitioner.

Core Values
Study at Daoist Traditions requires respecting differing points of view and different heritages of Chinese Medicine. We are committed to an academically rigorous program, which challenges students to transform emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Because of this, we seek students who are committed to personal cultivation and growth as well as to their learning. It is essential that all members of the Daoist Traditions community share a commitment to

  • ground all actions in honesty, integrity, and compassion;
  • embrace the philosophy and spirit of Chinese Medicine;
  • respect the wisdom of our teachers and embrace the spirit of cooperation;
  • listen receptively and effectively respond to feedback;
  • respect each member of our community and hold one another in the highest regard;
  • honor freedom of inquiry by fellow students;
  • cultivate the ability to observe oneself and take responsibility for one’s learning, actions, and well-being;
  • express oneself respectfully, using appropriate words and actions to express one’s moods and emotions;
  • exhibit professionalism in all of our actions;
  • cultivate the ability to observe oneself and develop the ability to recover the “observant self”;
  • engage in self-reflection and cultivation practices as keys to healing and healing presence;
  • allow our healing presence to be the guiding principle for all actions.

Student Pledge
The following pledge provides guidance for study and practice in the profession of Chinese medicine:

I solemnly promise, as a student, to practice my profession to the best of my ability. I will use my knowledge and skills to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. I will try to help my patients understand the Chinese Medicine principles of promoting and maintaining health, the pattern of disease, treatment, and prognosis relevant to their condition. I will encourage my patients to participate in decisions relating to their healthcare and their lives.

I will endeavor to alleviate my patients’ fears. Through helping the patient understand the nature of his/her condition, I offer hope and a new path by providing Chinese Medicine treatments and recommendations for change. I recognize that the most meaningful treatment may be to be fully present and listen with compassion.

I will treat my patients with dignity. I understand that a patient’s sense of self-esteem is essential to good health. I will respect the patient and his/her privacy. I will be trustworthy and preserve confidentiality.

I will respect the wisdom of my teachers. I acknowledge and value the lineage through which the information of Chinese Medicine has come. I will share my knowledge with others. I will strive to further my education and develop habits that promote further growth and awareness.

I will embrace the Core Values of Daoist Traditions in order that I can develop my healing presence.