Daoist Traditions College – Events

We are dedicated to not only our own students of classical Chinese medicine, but to all students of its practice. In an effort to maintain healthy communication amongst the acupuncture and Oriental medicine community, Daoist Traditions College wants you to keep up to date on all things AOM! Inside, please find an up-to-date list of local, continuing education classes, public education opportunities, as well as the latest upcoming Admissions Open Houses and Student Clinic Community Days for Daoist Traditions. The easiest way to keep current with local practices, courses, and education opportunities is to check in regularly and stay in the know.

As part of our continued effort to serve AOM providers and the greater Asheville community at large, we are proud to offer competitive rates to our Event Center. If you have an event that requires indoor or outdoor space, or both, please contact our sales department for our latest rates and services.

July 2019