An In-depth Study of CM Dietary Therapy With Jeffrey Yuen

Date: February 24, 2019
Time: 9:00 am  to  4:30 pm
Location: 130 Sardis Road Asheville NC 28806


Weekend 3 February 22-24, 2019

Perhaps the most important avenue of medical intervention one can take is through a deep evaluation of one’s nutritional habits. This course will incorporate the physiology of digestion and clinical applications of Chinese Medicine based nutritional strategies. This weekend will cover Macronutrient vitamins and minerals.  We will also explore energetics of Western and dietary approaches to cancer.

Offered in-person and live-streamed.
Attend entire series or individual weekends.

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Day 1: Understanding Macronutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

  • An in-depth understanding of Macronutrients from a Chinese Medicine Perspective and Understanding Vitamin and Mineral Macronutrients.
  • An in-depth understanding of Vitamins and Minerals from a Chinese Medicine Perspective.

Day 2: Basic Guidelines and Energetics of Western Diet Plans

  • Introduction to popular Western Diet Plans from a Chinese Medicine Perspective: Ketogenic, Pritkin and Atkins.
  • Intro to Popular Western Diet Plans, cont’d: Vegan, Raw Food, and Gerson.

Day 3: The Chinese Medicine Dietary Approach to Cancer

  • Introduction to the Chinese Medicine Cancer Diet – foods for various cancers.
  • Chinese Medical Dietary therapy for multiple stages of Cancer.