Guided Meditation

Julie Burke, Dipl. OM, L. Ac.

During the winter season, the days become short, and the nights are the longest we will see all year. Nature is calling us to slow down, go within, and give ourselves some extra nourishment. The cold, contracting darkness is symbolic of Yin in Chinese Medicine. We should practice self-care to rekindle our inner hearth, stoke our fires and fill our cups.

Be sure to take time for yourself during the busy, hectic holiday season. Find a cozy place, light a candle, take a moment to connect to your own inner resources. Read this guided meditation slowly and with mindful intent:

Begin by deepening your breath, dropping slowly into the bottom of your belly. Gently allow your breath to move into your low back and expand out to the sides. Feel yourself opening in all directions. Inhale peace, calm and nourishment. Feel your yourself receive and be filled with love. Exhale out your mouth with a gentle sigh and feel your body soften, settle and relax. Let it all go, just for a moment, with every exhale.