Time Commitment: The 24-month program offers a total of 660 didactic hours and 210 clinical hours.

Our new Hybrid Format will require online coursework each month; while, on-site classes are scheduled in a convenient, modular format. During Term 1, classes are held three days per month. In Term 2 and 3, classes and clinical shifts are scheduled 4 days per month. Students are in classes or clinic approximately 8 hours per day.

Students are required to meet (via phone/video) with a faculty mentor twice per term to discuss their progress through the program. Students are also required to participate in self-cultivation activities to enhance their development as a practitioner. Activities are scheduled separate from class weekends and require approximately 4 hours per term.

Curriculum: The curriculum allows students to build their foundation of herbal knowledge before beginning to work with patients in their final term. By studying individual herbs and herbal formulas simultaneously, students learn the functions of the herbs in relation to one another along with their historical and classical context, which has proven effective in helping our students succeed.

The curriculum for June is currently under revision. Please contact Admissions for more information

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