Dual Enrollment MAOM/DACM Program
2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

MAOM Tuition $18,500.00 annually
DACM Tuition $12,000.00 total
Payment Structure
Year 1 No DACM Payment Due
Year 2 $2000.00 per semester/$4000 per year
Year 3 $2000.00 per semester/$4000 per year
Year 4 $2000.00 per semester/$4000 per year


Tuition payments are due July 15 for fall and January 10 for spring. Federal financial aid is not available for DACM courses.

DACM Program Fees
DACM Clinical Intern Name Tag                         $15.00 semester 5

For a full list of tuition and fees, click here.

Student accounts must remain current in order attend classes each semester. The college reserves the right to dismiss, with prior notice, any student who does not meet the stated financial requirements. Upon completing or withdrawing from the college, any unpaid balance on a student’s account will accrue 1.5% interest monthly. Unpaid balances may be referred to collections.