MAOM Admissions

If you are considering applying to Daoist Traditions, call to speak to our Admissions Director to review the application process and to clarify any questions you may have. Before applying, we strongly encourage you to visit our campus, observe class sessions, and meet the staff in order to determine if Daoist Traditions is the right environment for you.

Daoist Traditions is dedicated to upholding a high standard of education to ensure that the public is served by caring, competent, and knowledgeable practitioners. The program requires a high level of commitment to learning a number of difficult skills. We seek applicants who can demonstrate that they have the motivation for the rigors of this type of program and learning process.

The Daoist Traditions community strives to cultivate a healing presence and convey that healing presence in all we do. Accordingly, we seek students who recognize that all life experiences provide opportunities for growth and change. Applicants must demonstrate the maturity, emotional stability, and good judgment essential to becoming effective practitioners. We take into consideration your previous academic record and professional experience as well as your desire to help others through a healing profession. Applicants are considered on the basis of individual merit without regard to gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, race, veteran status, national or ethnic origin.

MAOM Admissions Requirements

Prior to acceptance, all applicants must have fulfilled a minimum of two years and 60 semester credits or 90 quarter units of general education at the baccalaureate level from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. All official transcripts must be sent directly from the college or university to Daoist Traditions. Refer to the MAOM Application for Admission for a complete list of admissions materials to be submitted.

Our curriculum requires students to engage in diverse and specific experiences essential to the acquisition and practice of essential skills and functions. Unique combinations of cognitive, affective, psychomotor, physical and social abilities are required to satisfactorily perform these functions. These competencies/functions are needed for successful admission and program completion. Refer to the section of Medical Accommodations for details.

MAOM Admissions Policy and Procedure

Applications are considered on an ongoing basis until the class has reached its maximum capacity. Once the class is full, additional applications may be considered and a list of alternates will be selected. New students are enrolled in August each academic year.

Interviews with the Admissions Team will be scheduled once your completed application materials are received. The interviews are an important part of our admissions procedure because we want to know our students on a more personal level than documentation will provide. On-site interviews are required but Skype interviews may be allowed in cases where distance is a factor.

Submitting an application does not guarantee admission. Daoist Traditions reserves the right to deny entrance to any applicant. Some applicants may be placed on a waitlist and receive an admissions decision later in the admissions cycle.

*Refer to the Academic Catalog for more details on the Admissions Procedure.

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If you would like to explore the possibilities of a career in Chinese medicine, contact our Admissions Director at 828.225.3993 or

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