For a look at Daoist Traditions’ MAOM curriculum map, please click here.

Hybrid Format

Some courses in the MAOM program are offered in a hybrid format – mixing face-to-face classroom instruction with online activities and outside resources to reinforce and complement what is learned in class. Hybrid courses offer more convenience and flexibility to fit into students’ busy schedules. We offer hybrid courses in asynchronous and synchronous formats. See the Q&A about Hybrid Courses for more information. Click Here for Hybrid Program Format FAQ

Time Commitment

The Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine curriculum is designed for full-time study and requires substantial devotion outside of the classroom. All applicants must be committed to full-time enrollment for the length of the program. The program is designed as a track system and students follow the sequence of courses for the duration of the program.

The program operates on a semester system with a fall (August – December) and spring (January-May) semester. The fall semester of the first year consists of sixteen (16) instructional weeks with a mid-semester break. All subsequent semesters consist of fifteen (15) instructional weeks with mid-semester breaks.

In addition to weekly classes, students attend multi-day sessions with Jeffrey Yuen and additional weekend courses each semester. Students complete clinical observation or clinical internship sessions each semester, requiring additional days per week. During Clinical Internship, students complete sessions 40-42 weeks per year and have shorter breaks between semesters. Summer classes are required following the second and third years.

Throughout the program, students are required to maintain a cultivation journal, allowing students to document a progression in their personal growth throughout the program. First and second year students are also required to participate in the care of the herbal gardens and receive 12 acupuncture treatments per year, with the practice/practitioner of their choice.

Completion of the full-time program takes 4 years and must be completed within 6 years. Daoist Traditions reserves the right to adjust and change the curriculum, academic calendar, and operating schedule as necessary.