Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program Tuition

Acceptance Fee (separate from tuition)                        $500.00
Full-time (at least 18 credits per semester)                  $9,125.00/semester ($18,250.00/yr)
Less than full-time (below 18 credits per semester)   $510.00/credit

Tuition payments are due by July 15 for fall and January 10 for spring semesters.

Students repeating courses or enrolling in courses in addition to the full-time semester curriculum for their cohort incur a charge of $510.00 per credit for the extra courses in addition to full-time tuition. The additional charges are capped at $4,000.00 for students transferring in 1 year of credits. Students who enter the program in January, pay the tuition for the first year over 3 semesters and are charged a one-time $500.00 January Tuition Adjustment (JTA).

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*The tuition and fees listed apply to the 2018-2019 academic year. Tuition rates are set annually and are subject to change. All fees are subject to change with 90 days notice. Fees, books, and supplies are non-refundable. [Supplies are considered 100% expended upon purchase. Books are special ordered for students in select courses.]