DACM 2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

DACM Program Tuition                      $12,000.00
Payment: Equal installments over the semesters enrolled in DACM program

Degree Completers Program Fees
DACM Clinical Intern Name Tag $15.00 semester 1
Malpractice Insurance Fee1 $200.00 per year
Learning Resource and Technology Fee2 $40.00 per year
Graduation Fee $100.00 final semester
Clinical Fee $500.00 per semester of DACM Clinical Internship


Federal financial aid is not available for DACM courses.

For a full list of tuition and fees, click here.

All students must be insured under the DT malpractice insurance policy for the duration of the program. Insurance coverage is for all skills courses and clinic.
2 Enhances the College’s student learning resources and increases our capacity to meet digital environment expectations.

Student accounts must remain current in order attend classes each semester. The college reserves the right to dismiss, with prior notice, any student who does not meet the stated financial requirements. Upon completing or withdrawing from the college, any unpaid balance on a student’s account will accrue 1.5% interest monthly. Unpaid balances may be referred to collections.